Russia recently has begun to test immersive education. Immersive technologies and VR simulator approach allow immersing people into virtual reality. VR glasses can be practiced in lessons with complicated and demanding attention topics.

Children are keen on innovations and are much more motivated to study applying them rather than using a common curriculum. In addition, most people are visual learners. They better perceive visual information in the form of pictures, graphs, and videos. Therefore, educational tasks presented through play involve all levels of perception and contribute to better learning.

Our Project

Our company had the idea of such a simulator. It would not only solve the problem of the learning process improving, but also astonish pupils.

The development of a VR simulator is not that easy. Especially when it comes to such a demanding target audience. Due to the efforts of our team, ordering the VR app for smartphones became an affordable dream.

Immersion Effect

The immersion effect is what is needed to develop the personality traits and skills of students in conditions that threaten them and others. We released a project simulating fire, hurricane, earthquake, electric shock, or injuries. These threats may happen to each of us in our life. But at school students just write down a list of actions to be undertaken. It will be much more effective to avoid consequences when a person’s skills are already honed in practice. It can help children to cope with fear and confusion in various complicated situations.

Only mature actions of students will lead to the successful solution of dangerous situations. The simulator contains typical moments of carbon dioxide fire extinguisher use and the process of applying a tire. Also, this app practices evacuation in crowded places and other emergencies. All algorithms are designed taking into account the requirements of the school curriculum. Pupils are supposed to complete the tasks during a limited time. If it isn’t enough, it is necessary to re-do all the rescue measures, which include protection from the threat and first aid.

Of course, there can be many unsafe scenarios. The relevance of this application is fully reflected in the life realities. Unfortunately, the dangers like natural disasters, accidents, terrorist acts are often unpredictable. Mortality from various types of disasters takes the third place after cardiovascular and oncological diseases in the world rate. While the elderly die mainly from the mentioned diseases, most working-age youth die from accidents. If the people of younger generation have the opportunity to practice acting in such cases in an interesting way for them, then the number of incidents in the future could be significantly reduced.


It is important that our application destroys all stereotypes about modern gaming technologies. Now you can buy reality simulators not only for entertainment, but also for study. This is the beginning of a new era of education and technical development, where commercial enterprises, government agencies, and social projects seek to order VR simulators.