Poradom is a platform for the company business process automatithation whose specializing is the individual building. This soft improve the workflow through the comprehensive accounting and full control of the all building process stages. The main goal is to support the construction process through setting task performers (from foundation to finishing works). Keeping records of the actual schedule of work for each object and reporting on these data. Also an integral part of the project is the ability to view photo reports of completed stages. Business analysis of the process between the stages of construction allows you to identify delays, both in time and volume.

Poradom CRM

The system implements the processes of creating a script constructor. It allows the system administrator to automate the process of appointing those responsible to perform work on specific objects. The system notifies users about the task assignment, "critical deadlines" with information about work plans in the form of a Gantt chart. In particular, the display of critical works is being developed. The automated process synchronization with external 1C databases makes the content manager easy.

Maintaining personnel records with a large list of roles and different levels of access helps you find the right administrator or performer by filters. View the progress and the number of tasks performed by the responsible person, the connection between departments within the program is available. Each user can only access the information they need, which allows them to maintain distributed communication between departments.

Configuration is easily and quickly adjusted to the specific requirements of the customer. Thanks to the flexible database structure, you can create new tables, reports, graphs, add fields, set lists and much more.

In addition, we developed telegram-bot for the convenience of finding objects, in the development of the implementation of a client module to monitor the progress of construction of the object. It includes a menu of construction objects, plots, clicking on which you can track full information about them: building address, contract, construction stages, etc. The bot is equipped with a search, which greatly facilitates the work!


  • PHP 7.1
  • MySQL 5.7
  • Nginx
  • Redis
  • Yii2