The First Russian IT forum for the leaders took place in November 2020. Joy Dev team also took part there! The forum was organized by the biggest association RUSSOFT. It unites software development companies of the Russian Federation. One more organizer company was SearchInform, which is the biggest developer of information security tools. What did we learn?

How Joy Dev Approached the Russian Government

How to get a subsidy?

The main topic became the discussion of new measures taken by the Russian Government. In September 2020, the Ministry for Digital Development, Connections, and Mass Communications announced the start of a granting program for the development and implementation of digital solutions projects. Both experienced developers’ teams and individuals can win the subsidy. It can amount to 20 million rubles and cover up to 80% of the project cost. It can be spent on salaries, equipment or license purchasing, etc.

How to make a name?

In the course of the discussion of IT technologies, the CEO of the group of companies “The Third World” told how they hit the American market with their products with their Russian colleagues. At the PR session, we learned how much the publication at the RBK costs and what’s wrong with hackathons.

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How Joy Dev Approached the Russian Government

How to communicate with the Government?

One more specific topic of the conference was the necessity to hire GR specialists. GR (Government Relations) implies the interaction of a commercial business with the local authorities. GR managers are gaining more and more demand because they know how to establish business relations, further the company interests, and set communication channels. So every growing IT company should think about hiring a GR specialist who will present their company at a high level.

What tasks does a GR specialist perform in an IT company? First of all, he interacts with state authorities and public organizations to receive support and subsidies for the development of the company's projects. Accordingly, the GR manager conducts meetings and negotiations with them. He makes presentations, participates in exhibitions and conferences. Such a specialist should possess communication skills, be flexible in communication, be able to present a product and a company, and understand the main trends in their field.

Receiving government orders has a positive impact on the company's rating. So, Joy Dev team has already developed a state project, creating a tourist app for exploring the city. Its key functionality was the use of augmented reality technology. It allowed investigating the main attractions in three-dimensional space. Read more in our separate article!

How to build a successful company?

We also talked to the founders of Sibedge and Simbir Soft companies. They told us about the ways of building big IT companies. The chairman of the SearchInform company board spoke about three whales of building a prominent business and how to avoid working with unreliable clients. How should the leader motivate the team and develop himself? We got the answer to these questions and are ready to share them!

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