Everybody knows that modern technologies are aimed at assisting in many spheres of life. In our blog, we have already written how the technologies of virtual and augmented reality help in education. However, medicine is a no less important sphere. The developments created for its improvement are released quite often. In particular, more and more projects start using the technologies of artificial intelligence. In this article, we’ll consider the most up-to-date developments in medicine and AI.

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AI Helps to Define Covid-19 Progress

The main direction of modern technologies is the fight against the epidemic of coronavirus. So, scholars from New York University apply AI methods to analyze thousands of Covid-19 cases. They do it to work out the automated way to define the status of Covid-19.

The analysis results, heartbeat, temperature, and blood oxygen level are used for this technology. With the help of this data, AI defines how the patient will feel. Thus it’s possible to define the state of patients in up to 90% of cases. This may help to prioritize the treatment of patients. In other words, to give more attention to those in bad condition.

The main objective of this development is to reduce the hospital stay of many patients.

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Molecules Movement Decoding

Besides coronavirus AI is used in other vital spheres. For example, to understand the processes occurring in protein molecules the machine algorithms are used. Protein molecule function is often determined by its form and structure. The understanding of the dynamics that control them can help with many issues. From the way proteins work to the searching for the most effective ways of treatment.

Biological molecules are in constant movement. Their form is defined by the way they move. They can stay in a particular form for several seconds or days. And only then change their form and structure. The transfer from one form to another looks like the coil untwisting. While it is spinning, the molecules take various forms.

artificial intelligence

However, this process happens for picoseconds (trillions of seconds) or even faster. So, usual experimental methods like high-quality microscopes or spectroscopes can’t follow the dynamics of changes correctly.

The team of developers from Maryland University developed special statistics models. They can imitate the form, movement, and direction of particular molecules.

These models are formed into machine algorithms. They are similar to those used by Gmail to autocomplete your messages. On the basis of molecules movement, the algorithm creates the code. It is connected with other movements to the words and sentences. By learning the rules of syntax and grammar that define which forms and movements follow each other, the algorithm predicts how the protein molecule will change after the transfer.

One of the main goals of this development is its appliance in creating effective medical products. They should act effectively and purposefully.

Artificial Intelligence Shows the Status of Covid-19 Faster than Special Tests

One more useful development again refers to the measures against coronavirus. The scholars detected the problem of fast reveal of Covid-19 of patients. The current coronavirus tests depend on PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) and they may take up to 48 hours or more.

That’s why the team of researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College created the system based on AI that uses the results of tests to define whether a patient has coronavirus. Besides PCR test patient usually undergoes many blood analyzes, lab tests, and X-rays, and the results are ready in 1-2 hours. The researchers developed a hypothesis that common lab tests can show whether a patient has contracted Covid-19 without a PCR test.

With the help of AI technology, the positive Covid-19 test was revealed from patients with sensibility 76%. By reducing the analyzes by the patients from the emergency department, the result increased up to 80%. In other words, the machine algorithms managed to detect by the lab tests whether the patients had contracted coronavirus. Moreover, the algorithm showed even those with negative test results.

The development of the algorithm will take some time because it can define only severe cases. It is planned to be developed to detect mild cases.

App against Covid-19

Besides the technologies of artificial intelligence, the developers are creating ways to use our smartphones to fight against coronavirus. In our blog, we have already told about the app that can prevent the virus spreading with the help of Bluetooth and push notifications. Read more in this article!