Stock Alerts

Stock Alerts


  • Facebook android sdk;
  • Picasso;
  • Calligraphy;
  • RxJava 2;
  • Retrofit 2;
  • OkHttp 3;
  • ActionCable;
  • OneSignal;
  • Play services analytics;
  • Crashlytics;
  • Own drawing library for charts.


Stock Alerts and Tips is the most comprehensive real-time stock alerts app in the mobile world: real time alerts, free streaming quotes, pre-market/after-hour data, interactive technical analysis drawing, push notification based alerts, economic news and a lot more… Analize, Draw, Get Alerted.

Key Features:

• Real-time alerts
• Real-time quotes
• Simple price alerts
• Default alerts
• Social feed
• Free of Ads

Notice! 3 active alerts free of charge.


-== Watchlist with default and simple price alerts ==-

With Stock Alerts and Tips you can trade commodities, currencies, indices and equities on american market adding all of them to your watchlist.

Watchlist default alerts set for all the positions in your watchlist i.e. corporate events:
ER in 5/3/1 day
EX in 5/3/1 day
All time high/low
52 week high/low
1%, 5%, 10% move on day
unusual volume traded on day
Besides, with one tap you can set up simple price alert directly from your watchlist. It is saying that stock price has reached a particular level. There is an ability to set up “unusual trade volume” condition together with the price alert, to be sure the resistance level was broken.

-== Analyze, Draw, Get alerted ==-

Stock Alerts and Tips by Bullboard mainly targets Day-traders, Swing-traders and retail investors. Besides Stock Alerts is the perfect opportunity for a Chartist to test their strategies.
If you are the one who obsessed with the advanced stock drawing, Stock Alerts and Tips by Bullboard is your natural choice.

Besides, it allows traders and investors to set up sophisticated alerts using price changes, various technical indicators and fundamentals.

Stock Alerts and Tips watches the stock market so that you don’t have to. With our app, you can create customized user alerts with a various conditions set (i.e. “Sell” “AAPL” if “percent change on day” “goes up” “6%” and “EX” in “1 day”.) that monitor the market in real-time and test your investment ideas.

-== Social feed ==-

You can make your alert private, public or share it exclusively to those in your personal subscribers list.

All public alerts are being published in the social feed, where they can be copied, rated and commented. When copied alert goes to user’s private section with the corresponding mark.

We are developing the financial community where anyone can share their ideas in terms of particular alerts and discover what is happening in the markets.

Show that your strategies really work and in return you get followers and subscribers, with whom you can share your trading ideas exclusively, discuss market moves, generate new trading possibilities and test alternative strategies.

Issue: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stock.alerts