StarShot is an incredible app where you can create your own profile and fulfill it with 20-seconds-videos or even make your own 24-hours-stories. Find new friends and build relationships by using chats or giving and getting likes. You can follow others or follow contests and perform other social networking functions including commenting, liking, sharing and notifications. Improve your skills or discover new ones with over 13 categories including music, poetry, lip synch, drawing, dancing, dressing and more. Clever user experience helps a user easily and with passion create contests, follow them and challenge with real stars. Perfect interface design allows using to be absolutely comfortable. Bright pictures, high quality of making videos and photos, a number of suggested filters make you never be bored. Optimized functionality makes this app be sustainable by using.


  • Swift
  • Moya/ReactiveSwift
  • Ogra/ Argo
  • Curry
  • ReactiveCocoa
  • ErrorDispatching
  • SCRecorder
  • FormValidatorSwift
  • SwiftMessages
  • PINRemoteImage
  • SnapKit
  • EasyTipView
  • ReachabilitySwift
  • Social network SDKs Facebook, Twitter

Issue: http://starshot.video/