Hungry Bird — Hunting jumper game is the hardest yet unique jumper game ever!

Yet it’s gameplay is so unique, fun and addictive. Gameplay uses swipe gestures!

Hungry Bird is both a hunting and a jumper game. Your bird falls from its nest and your objective is to help it fly back. Remember though, you must feed the bird to keep it alive. Try to catch as many bugs as possible to make your bird full and strong!

The bird gets weaker as it gets hungrier and will die if not fed. Feed the bird on the bugs you come across.

The beetles are an in-game currency that you can use to unlock different birds, skins and other premium items in the game.

The flight is also not rosy as there are impediments in your way. You are however in control of this flight as you determine the platform to use to gain altitude.


  • Cocos2D (IOS, Android import)
  • GameKit
  • Fabric/Crashlytics
  • Ads services AdColony/Chartboost/Vungle/UnityAds/Admob
  • EveryPlay
  • AppKit